Unraveling – Part 88

by Elizabeth

“I’m driving you to the airport, I’ll have your rental car picked up later,” John said as she prepared for the flight home. 

She smiled, thankfully, and did not offer an argument; she felt less independent than she ever had before in her life, Paul’s actions impacting every ounce of her being. 

“Paul’s flight gets in on Saturday night?”  John questioned gently

“Yes,” she said unable to hide the anxiety in her voice

“I can come with you, we can get a restraining order – begin the legal process”  John said for at least the tenth time

“No, he’s sick, he needs psychiatric care not to have his career destroyed”  Libby replied weakly

“OK, I can come with you and we can pursue that avenue of resolution” John offered hopefully

She looked at him, this man who was now the world to her, and shook her head gently, “You can’t be there, Paul couldn’t cope with that in any way right now.  I owe him the chance to get help, John; I owe him my support and my loyalty …”

“You are amazing – and your kindness, compassion and commitment to him is far more than he deserves given what he has done.  Libby, he did what he did in malice and forethought – you aren’t safe with him, and your children shouldn’t be near him right now either, what do you intend to do?”

“I’m going to give him the chance to voluntarily seek help with my full support”  she said with conviction, “He’s already done the worst, he can’t hurt me now …” 

The drive to the airport was quiet, both John and Libby lost to their thoughts …

“You’ll call me when you get home?”  John asked holding Libby in a gentle embrace, taking care not to hurt her battered and bruised body

“Yes, I’ll call.  John,”  Libby began …  “thank you, I know you don’t agree with what I’m doing, but this is the way it has to be – the way I need for it to be.  Once upon a time I promised him forever, in sickness and in health – Paul needs for me to keep that promise more now than he ever has.  What does it say about my character if I forsake him in sickness?” 

John looked at her, his eyes gentle and full of concern  and fear for her physical and emotional well being …

“Duty, honor, the willingness to accept the burden of legacy, loyalty and integrity all define you – and I have never loved anyone as I do you, never been more in awe of another human being … I understand and even applaud your dedication to Paul, Libby;  if anyone can help him, it’s you.  He doesn’t know it, but he is the luckiest man alive.” 

She smiled briefly and then left John standing near the entrance to security  …